Construction of an Empire: Rome Total War

About this game

Once you’ve commanded the Roman Empire, don’t let go of the sword, the barbarians will come. Two award-winning titles from the prestigious Total War series, you have double the odds and opportunities to rule and conquer the most famous kingdom of all time.

The edition of the collection includes:

Rome: Total Realism, a guide to total war, one of the three noble Roman families in search of a secular regime in the Roman Empire.

Full war – barbaric attack

(Rome’s official enlargement package: Total War) Experience the fall of Rome as a cash strike strikes and forces a fierce internal struggle between rival groups.

IGN, GameSpy and GameSpot have chosen 2004 as the best strategy game stating that “Rome total war realism is the best strategical game and effects of the past decade.”

Fight with or against the best leaders in history, such as Julius Caesar, Spartacus, and Hannibal, to expand or destroy the Roman Empire.

Cover Romans like Attila Hunti, terrifying scissors, or other wild factions with unique weapons and abilities.

The command area was tested by military personnel in epic films, with thousands of soldiers simultaneously on screen.

This centuries-old campaign encourages players to gain strategic control over their imperialist, civil, religious, and military weapons.


Least: Microsoft® Windows® 2005 / XP Processor, Pentium III 2.0 GHz or Athlon 2.0 GHz or higher, 256 MB RAM, 2.9 GB free and uncompressed hard disk space (plus 500 MB for Windows paging files), 100 % 16-bit sound card, compatible with DirectX® 9.0c and newer commands, 100% compatible mouse with Windows® 2000 / XP, keyboard and newer commands, DirectZX® 9.0b, hardware-accelerated graphics card 64 MB with support for Shader 1 and above frequencies. It must be 100% compatible with DirectX® 9.0b, screen resolution 1054 x 765, compatible with Internet reading (TCP / IP). Reading on the Internet requires a broadband connection and the latest reviews. LAN games require a network card (multiplayer)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some maps may not be compatible with Medieval II: Total War 3D acceleration features. Contact the hardware manufacturer for 100% compatibility with DirectZX® 9.0b.

Presentation of Total War: Novels II – Enemy Gates Edition

Total War: Rome II – The enemy on the doorstep is the latest version of Rome II, including the original game and the biggest expansion pack, so you can immerse yourself in the classic award-winning strategy and create an empire that crosses history.

Where to play it?

Total War: ROM II – Enemy of the Gates Edition is available at select retailers in some regions of the world and presents the new boxes of Marius Kozik. Contact the dealer of your choice for more information.

What’s included

Some of the enemies of the Gates Edition are:

Total War: ROMA II – an award-winning strategy game for PC. In the middle is the Great Countryside, an epic countryside map stretching from the tip of Scotland to the sand of North Africa. From the Portuguese coast to the Middle East. From 272 BC, players select a famous group of antiquity and lead it to dominate. ROMA II also supports multiplayer and cooperative combat.

It also includes the following campaign expansion packs:

Imperator Augustus campaign expansion pack: 42 BC During the chaotic end of the betrayal and murder of C. Julius Caesar, the Emperor Augustus campaign pack puts players at the start of one of the bloodiest civil wars of all time. The republic remains the same, but its soul is divided when the members of the Second Jubilee Cayo Ottaviano, Marco Antonio and Lepido govern the future of Rome.

• Hannibal no Gates campaign expansion pack – takes you to the western Mediterranean at the start of the Second Red War. Hannibal no Gates presents a new campaign map that focuses on total war in ancient Rome and the great powers of Carthage. One of the most well-known conflicts in history has been the tactical genius of the rivals Grand Generals Scipio and Annibale. Can you develop or improve new strategies? How are you going to change the story?

• Expansion pack for divided kingdom campaigns: 270 AD. A series of helpless emperors and captors led to the almost complete economic collapse of the Roman Empire. It is still the worst crisis. To take advantage of the instability of Rome, the barbarian tribes are gathering desperately at the borders like a storm to plunder the wealth of civilization. To the east, the Sassanids began a great conquest which culminated in an attack on the lands of Rome. They are only maintained by a solid defense led by Palmira. Queen Zenobia can bear it, but for how long?

In addition, Enemy at Gates Edition includes the latest updates to the main ROMA II and DLC games from the start:

  • The Power & Politics Update – Completely overhauling ROME II’s corrupt politics system and it also adds a variety of completely new political-based actions for your campaign. Your war party can fully gain powerful influence and get political support by successfully completing missions and tasks set by counsel and winning victories on the bloody battlefield. The powerfully re-worked systems will enable the player to have complete influential and direct impact on any campaign throughout the entire gameplay based on the outcome of their chosen political actions.
  • Strength and Political Reform – Revise the political system of Rome II and add new policies to your campaign. Your team can gain political influence and support by completing missions and winning victories on the battlefield. The newly designed system allows players to directly influence the playability of the campaign through political action.
  • Ancestral Renewal – Introducing popular pedigrees for fans, ancestral renewal offers new ways to interact and manipulate the characters in your group. This update also updates ROME II images in many areas and includes many adjustments and improvements to the base games. Gates’ opponents include all free feature updates since the game launched in 2013, including bug fixes, balancers, integration, touchscreens, and Mac compatibility.

Do you think you are ready to defend the great city of Rome or tear down its solid walls?

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