Gaming workshop and how to create your mods


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2 Mod Manager

3 Create a mod

4 Download the Workshop form


Rome II Steam Workshop is user-created software for game variations that can change different areas of the game, from simple scale changes to adding new devices to modifying the game’s internal graphics.

You will regain the courage you expect from your game at the workshop and register. Tags can be used to filter different types of changes. Therefore, if you only want to search for spaces that add new devices, you prefer the device name.

Against the leader

After connecting to an item in the workshop when downloading the game, you can view this mod by clicking on the Mod Manager button in the launcher.

This shows all the recorded workshop topics and the progress of the download. You can also select the mode to activate using one of the check boxes. So you can always log in with more changes than you want and download them to your computer and be ready to use when they affect the game.

You can also download changes from Steam Workshop in Change Manager. However, this will be explained later. First, there is knowledge about creating mods.

Creation takes courage

Community tools are still needed to make changes. There are already many excellent tools and guides. Here is a list of the first steps.

Warscape Modding Primer: A good guide for changing beginners in Rome II.

• Batch file management: the main community tool for opening batch files, creating new files and modifying database tables.

• Rome 2 Editor: a tool for processing large amounts of data in a database.

• Create a meter package in five easy steps with the file manager package: An excellent guide to creating a meter package, the heart of every meter workshop.

• Create special drives using the file manager – This is another useful guide for adding drives.

• Tools, instructions and resources: a list of all Rome II customization tools and tutorials.

Other mod game options

Empire: a complete war

Experience the world of the 19th century on earth and for the first time in the Total War at Sea series! In one of the most turbulent and revolutionary periods in history, Empire: total war began in 1701, allowing you to experience events such as the industrial revolution, the struggle for American independence, competition for the control of eastern trade routes and globalization worldwide… War. Fully rewritten artificial intelligence with a wider range of strategies and tactics offers a great enemy on land, at sea and on the campaign map. Many powerful powder weapons also require creative thinking when designing your military strategy. The new mechanism and new graphic technology allow new sophisticated landscapes, beautiful floral and visual systems.

Casino: Total Business

Conquer the mob and control Vegas, the plan is that simple. First you get the men, then you build the trust, then you attack those in power. This all in Las Vegas casino game is all about starting from the very bottom and working your way to the top. Whilst the people of Vegas are playing their slots, card games and putting money on the table to be swallowed up by the mob, you’re planning to bring it all down, to build it up again and take hold of the richest city on the planet.

Full character profiles, real landmarks and establishements in Vegas to give you interactive map. You have money, tactics, knowledge, firearms and lots more to build your casino empire, do you cash the chips in or not risk too big a gamble? Every move is vital and the mob has eyes everywhere.

If you wish to polish your casino skills feel free to visit this website!

Download the form from the Workshop

Once you’ve created a mod, uploading it to a Steam workshop is an easy process.

Make sure your mod package has a unique name so that it does not conflict with other mods and is in the Rome II folder with images for your mod. It must be a 256×256 PNG image with the same name as your mod package. If you do not have this image, an error message will appear during the download.

Start the game and open the Mod Manager. You will see the new entry with the name of the mod package and the download button. If you click on it, you will be asked to select the labels you want for your model. The day is:

• Graphics

• User interface

• Check fight

• countryside

• Unit

• Warning

• Plan

Choose the one that suits you best.

Once you’ve downloaded the mod, you’ll be taken to the Steam Workshop page where you can change the title and description and upload additional images / videos to promote it. Register the information and anyone with Roma II can register and use their game.